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I'm a Norwegian music producer and teacher, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence and music production. Besides teaching, I have worked as a music producer and produced music for norwegian TV series such as "Julestjerna" and "A storm for Christmas" on Netflix. I have also worked on projects such as "Creating AI-Music" for the Research Council of Norway and "Artificial Dance Music," where I used AI to create EDM based on the music of artist Ary. In addition to my work as a music producer and teacher, I have participated in numerous music and technology projects. One of my recent projects is "Segmentation, Transcription, Analysis and Visualization of the Norwegian Folk Music Archive," which was published in the Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital Libraries for Musicology in July 2022.

I create robots that creates music🤖


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Selected Education


University of Oslo


Norwegian Academy of Music


Westerdals Oslo Act

Master Degree in Musicology About Artificial Music and Intelligence. The paper can be found here.

Continuing Education In Live Electronics

Bachelor degree in Popular Music performance with Piano and Laptop/Ableton As a principal Instrument

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